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What’s the deal with Colloidal Silver?

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What’s the deal with Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a liquid created using electrolysis to suspend very small silver particles in distilled water. While colloidal silver is a relatively recent invention (the term was coined by Michael Faraday in the mid-19th century), silver itself has been known to have antibacterial and other healing qualities for thousands of years and has been used as a folk remedy in many places across the globe. Silver is still used in modern medical science to treat burns; while modern technology has produced many effective methods for treatment of diseases and healing of conditions, many time-honored substances and methods are still in use. Some believe that their use is in general decline not due to superior alternatives being available, but due to an invested interest in suppressing the competition.

This unfortunate possibility can make it difficult to sort out the truth of the matter when researching substances such as colloidal silver, since many of the most-trafficked websites for medical information may be compromised by these interests. On the other hand, many of the sources that are ardent proponents of colloidal silver’s efficacy as a healing tool are either less professional than the mainstream alternatives or are themselves compromised by the fact that they offer colloidal silver for sale through their platform.

Having determined that there is no modern source of information on colloidal silver that can be trusted completely, our inquiry should start not in modernity, but in antiquity. The Alchemists of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, who claimed that their knowledge was sourced from the ancient wisdom of cultures such as Egypt, Greece, and the Druids, believed, for instance, that silver had a wide variety of beneficial qualities and in fact played a major role in the practice of alchemy. Silver is listed as one of the “Seven Elements of Alchemy” and is associated with the moon in astrology. In Vedic India, silver was associated with a particular Chakra, or energy center: the sixth Chakra, or the ‘third eye’. This information shows that there is a wide historical use of Silver in pre-scientific disciplines of medicine and philosophy. It is only in recent times that the two disciplines have been separated; even up until Renaissance and Enlightenment times, the term “physician” meant more than just a practitioner of medical science; a physician was a highly disciplined person trained across the board in realms of inquiry that we have now divided into separate subjects such as philosophy, psychology, mysticism, and medicine.

As a side note, it is the association of silver with the moon that is the likely source of the popular myth that silver is the bane of werewolves, the transformation of which is spurred by the appearance of the full moon.

In recent years, there has been a significant pushback against the use of colloidal silver as a dietary supplement. Before I go any further, I will mention that we only include colloidal silver inour topical products, so the most widely publicized hype and hysteria about its possible negative effects simply have no bearing on the colloidal silver used in our products. In fact, the inclusion of colloidal silver in topicals has been widely lauded as an excellent practice, with Dr. Robert Becker of Syracuse Medical University going so far as to claim that colloidal silver when applied topically triggers an “amazing and unexpected regrowth of tissues”. However, sometimes, in the case of oral ingestion, people can take the perceived benefits of colloidal silver too far, as is evidenced by the following intriguing example:

A few years ago, a man named Paul Karason became an internet sensation due to his blue skin caused byArgyria. This man was, sometimes belovedly, sometimes mockingly, called “Papa Smurf” due to his startlingly blue skin and full beard. Plagued by various medical conditions, Mr. Karason passed away in 2013, but not before taking the world by storm with his peculiar appearance. While there are no proven negative effects of Argyria other than causing blue skin, the case of Mr. Karason was used to dissuade the public from using colloidal silver as an antibacterial or dietary supplement. What is not widely disseminated, however, is that Mr. Karason ingested silver to treat dermatitis at a rate that no one in their right mind would recommend, allegedly drinkingat least a pint of homemade colloidal silver a day for a period of many years.

It is verifiably true that if you drink this much silver that you will end up with blue skin. However, administered at a safe rate, even orally ingested silver is tremendously unlikely to augment your skin color in any way or cause any other harm. There is no evidence that topically applied colloidal silver, at levels such as are present inour products, will cause any adverse effects whatsoever, and, based on the evidence available, its presence is nearly guaranteed to provide significant benefits. My suggestion is that, in the case of colloidal silver, to take everything you read about it with a grain of salt, but rest assured that silver has been used across the globe for thousands of years for its medical benefits and that this compelling history trumps whatever slant may have been applied to this wondrous substance in modernity.

I’ll end on a personal note: The creators of our products had very good reason to include colloidal silver in our topicals. Over the years, they had directly witnessed silver heal a variety of infections, reduce many forms of inflammation, and significantly decrease the effects and duration of everyday ‘bugs’ and colds. While this evidence is, of course, anecdotal, when researching the benefits of a substance, personal experimentation is one of the best ways to gain tangible experience of the qualities of that substance. Before there were medical experts and established authorities in that field, the greatest insights were gained by individuals taking the experimental method into their own hands and drawing their own conclusions. Our modern scientific achievements rest on the accomplishments of these brave men and women of ages past. I suggest that the best way to find out the truth about colloidal silver, and any other substance for that matter, is to try it for yourself, looking back at what others have discovered as reference as you progress on your journey of self-discovery.

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