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Cannabimimetics & Limitless Lotion

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Background on Cannabimimetics

There’s an exciting new term that we’ve seen being thrown around a lot recently: ‘Cannabimimetic’. A cannabimimetic is defined as a substance that mimics the chemical structure and/or effect of a cannabinoid, or multiple cannabinoids. To fully understand what this means, and the implications that research into cannabimimetics has for our products and for the cannabinoid industry in general, it is important to have a background understanding of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which I wrote about in a previous article. In this article, I go over how the ECS is, in my opinion, an unclear name for the fantastic system in our bodies that is stimulated by cannabinoids. Concurrently, the very name ‘cannabinoid’ is vague and misdirects the layman into the belief that cannabinoids are intrinsically related to Cannabis.

At this time, however, the scientific community has not presented a term that is more accurate in referring to these compounds, which are indeed found in cannabis as well as a wide variety of other plants and substances across the world, and it is unlikely that any alteration to the terminology will be made. But just to shed light on the ludicrousness of implying that all cannabinoids are derived from cannabis: Did you know that CBD, or Cannabidiol, is present in human breast milk? Are you saying, scientific community, that human breast milk is made from cannabis? How about flax? Did you know that CBD is found in high concentrations in flax? Are you saying that flax is a strain of marijuana? Obviously not. So why, then, the insistence on labeling CBD and other cannabinoids as ‘cannabinoids’, a term that clearly denotes that these substances are strictly cannabis related?

I think you can see the problem now. Calling the ECS the “Endocannabinoid System” is like calling the dopamine surge we get from eating meat the “Cheeseburger System”, when we can get the same euphoric feeling from enjoying a much healthier option, such as a free-range organic Bison steak. Calling the ECS the “Endocannabinoid System” makes people think that you have to be a druggie flower-child or a skateboarding punk teenager to enjoy the benefits of CBD or any of the other non-psychoactive healing-inducing cannabinoids, while this is categorically not the case. CBD and cannabinoids, in reality, are not strictly related to anything ‘cannabis’. Yet their name alone keeps them chained to their socially maladaptive cell-mate. It’s a shame.

Cannabimimetics & Limitless Lotion

Moving on! I recently came across an article posted by Sensi Seeds (which, yes, is a retailer of Cannabis seeds) on the subject of cannabimimetics. In this article, the author puts forth data on a wide variety of plants that contain cannabimimetics, or cannabinoid-mimicking compounds. The article describes cannabimimetics as “an important class of non-classical cannabinoids known as cannabimimetics. They are called cannabimimetics as they literally mimic the biological activity of the classical cannabinoids, despite not sharing their structure.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Plants containing cannabimimetics range from Echinacea, to Salvia divinorum, to (as I have already mentioned) Flax. Cannabinoid-like compounds can be derived from a wide variety of sources in nature including, most interestingly, Boswellia, a substance which is present in our products. According to another article article from Hemp Edification, which cites a 2008 study, Boswellia contains a substance called Incensole acetate, which has a cannabinoid-like effect on inflammation: “Frankincense displays properties in humans resembling those of Cannabis (the cannabinoid tetrad of analgesia, hypothermia, catalepsy, hypomotility), as well as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic effects.”

We’ve been saying for a while that Limitless Lotion is a worthy rival or companion product to Liberty Lotion. And now you know why: One of the major ingredients in Limitless Lotion is Boswellia, which is a cannabimimetic. Since Limitless Lotion does not contain any actual cannabinoids, it is free of the vestigial vagary and confusion regarding CBD, yet has an effect on the body that is amazingly similar to that of Liberty Lotion.

When creating Limitless Lotion, it was our guiding principle to manufacture a product that was just as powerfully effective as Liberty Lotion, but contained cannabimimetics rather than cannabinoids. Based on your reactions thus far, we have succeeded admirably, and now you know more about why we are so enthusiastic about this product. By harnessing the power of cannabimimetics. Limitless Lotion is carving out a new niche in the market, a niche which it will command for many years to come.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to try Limitless Lotion today, and experience the power of cannabimimetics for yourself!

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