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 Kyla Williams Salas‎ 

I broke my foot, pain meds didn't work at all. I grabbed my Liberty Lotion and no more pain! Added in the tincture and no more swelling!

Mosquitos love me... Liberty Lotion took the itch out!

Thank you Liberty Lotion! 


‎Linda Knigge Fairfield‎

I received my Liberty lotion at five minutes to noon and it's now 10 minutes after noon and my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore thank you so much Liberty lotion


Faith G.

I've been using the limitless lotion for about two months and it has worked wonders for my acne. I've been on acne medication for over 20 years and they do not compare to limitless lotion. I recently gave some to a friend for a bump she had on her head and she called it a miracle cream it reduced her pain and swelling. I highly recommend limitless lotion.


Theresa A Stanton

Liberty Lotion | 2oz | CBD Topical

I had a prescription pain creme with ketamine in it. It was helping..Until this last time I had a bad reaction and had a blistery rash from it. Pain and itching. I tried liberty lotion and no issues and pain relief ! I am so happy...and st a third of the price of prescription creme!



Liberty Lotion | 2oz | CBD Topical

I must say I was skeptical about this product being effective with my neck and knee pain. However, it worked the first time I was used it, and now I'm a believer! Just one-two pumps for my knee and 3-4 for my neck, and the pain is gone for hours. I have recommended it to my friends and will continue to do so.


[name not given]

(Liberty Lotion 4.5oz)

Liberty Lotion has been a game changer for me. I used to take 50 mg. of voltarin twice a day and still had arthritis pain. since i started applying the lotion, I no longer take Voltarin and I'm mostly pain free. I sleep better at night and feel better throughout the day. A bonus is that my IBS isn't irritable any more...am guessing it was the voltarin that irritated my gut. I have recommended this product to a lot of my friends in B.C. Canada....thank-you!


[name not given]

 (Liberty Lixir Original 300mg)

Struggling with systematic inflammation. Haven't been able to walk up or down stairs for months. Within a week of using this I'm navigating stairs almost completely normally. So happy.



 (Liberty Lixir Original 300mg)

This is a wonderful product that has helped me with some overall early arthritis pain as well as having the amazing affect of keeping me calm throughout the day! The taste is a bit strong but the benefits of the product make it totally worthwhile! 



(Liberty Lotion / Liberty Lixir ULTRA combo pack)

Wanted to let you know that I have been using the lotion on my knee where i had knee surgery. When applied my pain goes away within a few seconds. And also with the ultra lixir, I have seen lower blood sugar levels. My wife and mother-in-law have been also using the lotion, and they are hooked to! Can't wait to see your new product. Thanks again Matt Caven



Your product is beyond awesome, it is life changing 

My wife has been suffering with chronic pain in both her shoulder/neck and her foot, for years.

Last night I put your CBD lotion on her shoulder/neck area. Less than a minute later she had pain relief! She's had physical therapy, Gabapentin, pain meds, even a surgery with no relief. Then a simple lotion is applied and she gets immediate relief. It's not a cure but, she finally got relief from her pain.
Seeing that success I rubbed that lotion on her foot that she has had pain in for well over a year that surgery couldn't fix, and may have even exacerbated. Again, instant relief from pain! She was even able to walk on it without issue!

For the first time in years she was able to sleep through the night without being woken by pain.

It does so much more than what we saw last night. It's inexpensive, easily obtained, doesn't wreck your liver and body like so many prescription medications and it's not controlled by big pharma.

I have and will continue to recommend your products to friends, family and anyone who asks.

Thank you! 



I have been using the lotion since last summer (while visiting my daughter and grandkids in Olympia, WA I picked some up at the co-op) and have re-ordered it twice.  I have had sciatica chronic pain after a fall 13 years ago and I rub in the lotion every night before going to be.  I have since tried the elixir (300 mg.) and bought the new 1000mg.  I am trying to completely wean off advil once a day or so and only use the elixir at bedtime.  Thank you for doing the research and offering your alternative pain relief online. 



[for Limitless Lotion 4.5oz

Use this with your Liberty Lotion. I buy the 4.5 Liberty Lotion and the 4.5 Limitless. And mix 1/2 and 1/2 to make two bottles of mix. Fast, effective, convenient . The best part is these two mixed together really really reduces my bone pain. Thank you. Thank you



My husband tore his shoulder and had 2 unsuccesful surgeries. He tried many topical creams that just didn't work. A couple of years ago he was introduced to Liberty Lotion. It alleviated the pain, better than anything else he has tried!!!



I have the 250mg oil I use every six hours all day long because of sever bone pain. NOW, this is awesome AWESOME AWESOME. I squirt twice under my tongue (6 hours after my last 250 drops) just as I get in bed. I was able to relax, and I was able to sleep most of the night without waking up and when I woke.... not near as much pain. AMAZING. I have to use whats on hand right now but once they are all gone I purchasing the new 1000mg. Two nights ago was the best sleep Ive had in over 10 years, YES 10 YEARS. Thank you.



Your CBD product has been a lifesaver for our pain. This is the best stuff ever. I have shared with my mom and she's been in pain along time. We're both so happy to have relief. Thanks for making our life better


[no name given]

I have arthritis in my right wrist and have had to wear a wrist brace for several years, without it much pain. My hand surgeon has told me shots won't help and the only thing he could do to help would be to fuse the bones in my wrist so I have no movement, therefore no pain. Didn't want to do that, would make it hard to work the throttle on my Harley. So I head of your product and tried the free sample. I now have purchased several bottles of your 4 1/2 oz. size and no longer wear a brace The lotion works.. I use it as needed, 1-3 times a day. I tell all my friends about it. 


Rachel Ward

Omgoodness, Liberty Lotion CBD cream for pain has changed. my. LIFE! I first bought the travel size on a whim at a little indie grocery store in Buena Vista because I had woken up with a crick in my neck. It worked within MINUTES. (I am not one for hyperbole and if it didn't work I would not claim it did, this stuff is legit.) I went back to the Springs and bought the biggest bottle I could find the next day. I have since used it for more neck stiffness, a back muscle that I pulled and a few tension headaches. I find reasons to use it because it is just that effective. I am ordering more before my bottle is even 2/3 empty because I never want to be without and now I'm trying the tincture, too. THANK YOU for making a high quality product that really works, your are angels.   




Heard about this product at a Christmas party from a couple that we have known for several years. My husband is in constant pain from one or more of the following: headache, shoulder pain, hip,back and wrist and knee pain...for various reasons. He has been going to a pain specialist and narcotics don't last long enough and steroid injections are becoming less effective. 
I came home from the party and ordered the Limitless and Liberty combo. We still can't believe how well it works!!! 



This product is amazing. It's the only thing that will control my constant back pain. It works on my husband's knee pain. I will never live without this again! My sister-in-law is trying it for her breakthrough pain from her cancer treatments. It is a life-saver.



I've been using this lotion for over a year. I have neuropathy in 3 toes and have been so thankful and have been pain free with Liberty-Lotion. It doesn't take much to make me comfortable and sometimes lasts several weeks.
Thank you! An absolute stellar product! Kudos to its creator!



Just started using the lotion for my shoulder that has rotator injury and severely frayed tendons and muscles. Pain level has been greatly decreased. Thank you....I think I'll try it on those migraines next



I purchased this for a friend with horrible arthritis in her knee, she is completely pain free!!!!! Thank you for your awesome product, all natural.



I just found you last night and my neck is fine today after 3 days of agonizing pain from an old injury. The pain melted away before I even finished rubbing it in... I am in love. Thank you!!!!!!



This is a great product! Used on my arm when it ached so badly I could not raise it above shoulder height...within minutes I could move it much more freely without pain!!!



I love Liberty Lotion! I use it on my knees when my arthritis flares up. The pain and stiffness go away almost instantly. Thank you for a great product :-)


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