OUR STORY The story of Liberty Lotion begins with a tale of misfortune. Samson Garner, a native of Washington State with an IT background, was on the job in an industrial environment when an accident befell him and left him with crippling pain and severely decreased quality of life. His injury was so severe that metal plates were installed in his upper back and he was prescribed high doses of pharmaceutical painkillers. Over time, Samson came to realize that not only were these conventional treatments largely ineffective, but that they also came at the cost of disquieting side-effects. Having an imaginative mind and a penchant for invention, Samson decided not to settle for what contemporary medicine had to offer, and instead set himself to find out what natural solutions existed to his debilitating issues.


What Samson discovered initially shocked him. Not only was his intuition correct that pharmaceutical pain treatments were largely ineffective and dangerous, but he also found that there were many natural options available that had a profound positive impact on his quality-of-life without the side-effects. In this process of discovery, Samson came across CBD, or Cannabidiol. CBD is a substance found in a variety of plants and other sources, usually derived from hemp. Samson learned that many scientific studies have indicated that CBD has an immensely potent effect on inflammation, and appears also aid the body in its natural regulation and regeneration functions by boosting and balancing the endocannabinoid system. Without further ado, Samson got to work developing Liberty Lotion, our first product and the product that made our company famous for quality and effectiveness.


After developing this phenomenal product, Samson realized that he needed someone with experience in sales to help bring Liberty Lotion to the masses. He called upon his brother, Levi, to help him with this momentous task. Levi was already an accomplished sales professional and together, the two brothers made quick work of getting their product to the market. Within a year, Liberty Lotion was a thriving company and the brothers were already adding more products to their lineup. In no time, Liberty Lotion was joined by Liberty Lixir and Liberty Lip Balm, and that was only the beginning.


After about two years of being in business, the Garner brothers realized that they needed someone else to help keep things going, organize sales and coordinate company growth. They brought Samuel Popejoy onto the team as a Business Manager, and odds are that if you’ve communicated with Liberty Lotion in the last year or so, it’s been Samuel who has helped you with your orders or answered your questions. Together, the three young men have formulated and released a new product, Limitless Lotion, which contains a cannabimimetic medley of highly effective active ingredients. The initial response to this product has been stunning and has spurred us to expand our line even more. We have a lot in the works right now; you can expect 2017 to be a year of exciting announcements as we unveil the next wave of phenomenal products that are poised to rock the market.


From the very start, it has been a guiding principle for us at Liberty Lotion to procure our ingredients from the very best sources available. Part of this ideal is our insistence on buying American, whether it’s bottles, active ingredients, labels or packing material. It is our firm belief that it is our roots in industry, and especially small business, that makes our country great, and we are committed to contributing to the American economy by relying on our excellent domestic manufacturers and suppliers to fill the needs of our growing business. This is why we are proud to say, for all of our products, that they are made right here in the USA.


Our clear labeling and transparency when it comes to accurately denoting concentrations of active ingredients in our products sets us apart from the competition. While it isn’t required of us, we take clear labeling very seriously and take extra care to make sure that our customers know exactly what goes into a bottle of product. With Liberty Lotion, a milligram is a milligram, an ounce is an ounce, and all of our ingredients are listed plainly for the eye to see. If ever you find that there’s information we’re missing, and you’re curious to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the phone number at the top of the page or by clicking on our ‘Contact Us’ tab. We love talking with our customers and explaining any details they want to know about our company, our products, or where we’re headed in the future. It is all of you who have brought us to where we are today, and we want to reward you with the best products and customer service to be found anywhere in the industry.