Boswellia & Limitless Lotion

Limitless Lotion is our first product to feature Boswellia as an active ingredient. Boswellia Serrata, also known as Frankincense, was a healing staple of the ancient world and has retained its status as a go-to substance to this day for pain, inflammation, and a wide variety of other issues and ailments. And, as I mentioned in my most recent article, Boswellia contains a substance called Incensole Acetate, which has a cannabinoid-like effect on inflammation. According to one source: “Frankincense displays properties in humans resembling those of Cannabis (the cannabinoid tetrad of analgesia, hypothermia, catalepsy, hypomotility), as well as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic effects.”

Because Boswellia contains Incensole Acetate, Boswellia is a cannabimimetic, meaning a substance that mimics the effects of cannabinoids. As a company dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of CBD and cannabinoids, Boswellia caught our attention early on and we’ve been seeking for a way to incorporate it into our products for quite a while. As you know, this substance is present in our cannabimimetic lotion, Limitless Lotion, and we have been stunned by the results. A common misconception we’ve come across concerning Limitless Lotion is that it is somehow inferior to Liberty Lotion. While this is understandable (since Liberty Lotion is such an amazing product!), what I’ve found, and what many of our customers have told us as well, is that Limitless Lotion may actually be better than Liberty Lotion. It at least acts more quickly than Liberty Lotion almost all of the time. Each product is unique, which thankfully safeguards the relevance of both Liberty Lotion and Limitless Lotion, but the ingredients in Limitless Lotion, including Boswellia, seem to have an effect above and beyond what we ever could have expected.

History of Boswellia

When you think about it, though, it makes sense. Generally, when any substance has a long history of use, it has some merit. And Boswellia has been very highly valued throughout history. One of the major indicators of this is in the story of the Three Magifrom the New Testament, Boswellia also known as Frankincense, was one of the gifts given to baby Jesus. While it appears that Boswellia also played an active role as a Jewish religious sacrament, from a purely historical level, this indicates that Boswellia was a valued and sought-after commodity worthy of bestowal upon a child indicated by fate. Three factors contributing to the high value of Boswellia in the ancient world were its medicinal benefits, the remoteness of its areas of harvest, and the particularly arduous process necessary to harvest Boswellia.

Even though the medicinal benefits of Boswellia have been long known, it is interesting to note that this substance was used primarily as an incense in the ancient world. According to this source, Boswellia was a highly sought after commodity in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome and contributed greatly to trade between the world’s ancient powers. However, with the rise of Christianity, incense fell out of fashion, only to be picked up again by the Catholic Church centuries later. Today, it is relatively rare for Boswellia to be used as incense, but it is still used widely in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. And, as we know, the medicinal benefits of this plant have recently again broken into the mainstream of medical science, with more and more medical authorities forced to admit the enormously beneficial qualities of this healing substance, ensuring that a prominent position will remain carved away in perpetuity for this ancient healing substance and its profound benefits.