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CBD & Inflammation | The Mystery Unveiled

Avid readers of the Liberty Blog may have noted that I have mentioned with increasing regularity two important facts: That CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory substance That inflammation is the root cause of the majority of bodily and psychological ailments While federal law prohibits us from making such declaratory statements, it would logically follow from […]

Does CBD reduce anxiety?

Does CBD reduce anxiety? What is the scientific evidence that CBD is a viable treatment for anxiety? Countless customers have provided us with anecdotal testimony supporting this claim; consumer data shows that people everywhere are getting relief from anxiety by using CBD. But does the science back the claim that there’s therapeutic link between CBD […]

Could CBD help with Schizophrenia?

Could CBD help with Schizophrenia, Dementia & other neuropsychiatric disorders? CBD as a potential neuroprotective agent A number of preclinical & clinical studies indicate that CBD may have viability as a neuroprotective treatment. If a substance has neuroprotective qualities, this means that it helps heal the nervous system from damage and protect against the onset […]

Is CBD Neuroprotective?

Recent developments have spurred a great deal of curiosity in our team regarding thepotential of CBD to provide neuroprotective effects. We’ve had a few anecdotal customer testimonials recently as to our CBD products providing a neuroprotective effect, and, in one case, even possibly spurring neuroregeneration, and we understandably wanted to know more about this subject […]