Limitless Lotion & Skincare | Acne

Earlier this week, I took to the keyboard to tell you about the ingredients in Liberty Lotion and how they appear to be amazingly effective at fighting acne. But I bet I left a lot of you wondering: what about Limitless Lotion? Well, you may be surprised, but it seems that Limitless Lotion may actually be more effective at fighting acne and other skin ailments than Liberty Lotion. Here’s why:

I’ll preface this by stating that, on a personal level, Limitless Lotion has more than proven itself as an effective face lotion to both myself and my wife. We both use Limitless Lotion as a daily moisturizer and what little mild acne we did have has all but disappeared. Why? First and foremost, Limitless Lotion contains Willow Bark extract. According to this articleat, Willow Bark contains salicin, which is processed into salicylic acid by the liver. Salicylic acid is one of the most commonly used acne-fighting agents found in over-the-counter acne treatments worldwide. The use of the Willow tree for medical purposes has a long history; according to the site, “ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, and Greeks recommended willow leaves to treat joint and childbirth pain.” Modern science appears to have confirmed the wisdom of the ancients; the article goes on further to say that “Willow bark extracts also inhibit prostaglandins, hormones that regulate pain and inflammation, and randomized, controlled clinical studies corroborate that it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.” As per the effect of Willow Bark on acne specifically, the article states that “Willow bark’s salicylic acid is an alpha-hydroxybenzoic acid that not only is a potent anti-inflammatory but also helps break up comedones.” A comedone, also known as a blackhead, is the beginning stage of more deleterious forms of acne vulgaris, such as pustules and boils.

We chose Willow Bark for Limitless Lotion due to its amazing effects on pain & inflammation, but, since acne is first and foremost an inflammation condition, it makes sense that Willow Bark would work wonders on this disfiguring and disheartening ailment as well. But what about the other ingredients in Limitless Lotion? What about, specifically, Boswellia Serrata extract, another potent ingredient included in Limitless Lotion?

According to this study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) titled “Screening of plant extracts for antimicrobial activity against bacteria and yeasts with dermatological relevance”, there is strong evidence that Boswellia also has a powerful effect on acne. According to the study, “Boswellia… extracts proved to be effective against a panel of bacteria. It is concluded that due to their antimicrobial effects some of the plant extracts may be used for the topical treatment of skin disorders like acne vulgaris and seborrhoic eczema.” There you have it; due to its antimicrobial effects, Boswellia appears to fight acne as well.

Another study, again by the NCBI, indicates that Linum usitatissimum, also known as Flax oil, may also have a potent effect on acne. This study is titled “Antimicrobial investigation of Linum usitatissimum for the treatment of acne” and states that “Components possessing antimicrobial activity against acne causing bacteria… were found in varying amounts.” This means that substances well known to fight acne-causing bacteria were found in a scientific study into the components of Flax Oil. Yet another powerful ingredient contained in Limitless Lotion that helps fight acne!

We know that well-hydrated skin is less susceptible to acne outbreaks. And, according to another study by the NCBI, it appears that Argan Oil, another essential ingredient in Limitless Lotion, helps keep skin hydrated. The study is titled “Design, characterization, and clinical evaluation of Argan Oil nanostructured lipid carriers to improve skin hydration”. The authors state that an Argan Oil derived formulation “precipitated an increase in skin hydration of healthy volunteers.”

Finally, Limitless Lotion also contains Bergamot Oil. Bergamot Oil is a well-known antiseptic and antibacterial and, interestingly enough, is also a natural mosquito repellent. Keep that in mind as the summer months approach! Yet another way in which Limitless Lotion is an amazing multipurpose topical product. Also, Limitless Lotion shares a few ingredients with Liberty Lotion, such as Lavender Oil and Colloidal Silver, the effects of which on acne I touched upon in my last article.

That concludes my acne series, for now! Thanks for reading; it is my hope that you now have a better understanding of one of the most potent, yet little-known uses of our lotion products. Of course, as in everything, we recommend that Liberty Lotion and Limitless Lotion be used together for maximum effect. After detailing the different ingredients in these products and their unique anti-acne effects, I’m sure that you have an even better idea of what makes each product unique. Coming up, we will be posting a blog specifically about inflammation, and another regarding Liberty Lixir. That’s all coming up next week at the Liberty Blog… stay tuned!